From the week of December 15,2009:

Read Body Prayer by Pagitt and Prill.

One of my favorite books is Body Prayer. It provides some really excellent ideas for getting people physically into attitudes of prayer. Of course it’s wonderful to use on retreats when you’re out in nature and can look up at the sky or interact with the world around you in other ways. But it’s also a wonderful personal meditative tool and an interesting corporate tool as well.

In a church setting, I used it very judiciously, often in the most simple ways possible–such as having people concentrate on their posture or breathing as we read through a prayer.

Here’s an idea from my new friend Rev. Todd, which was posted the week of December 1, 2009:

Combine several MONOTATION images into a slide show for a period of silent prayer during worship.

Check out the MONOTATION site for these amazing pictures (and more posted all the time).

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