Some of you may know that I am once again playing with a praise band at a church. Well, we won’t go in to that. This post is about slam poetry.

One Saturday night a few weeks ago, the video following the music was a slam poet doing scripture. Good stuff! The pastor happened to be playing drums that night (we are a talented bunch!), and I slipped over behind the fiberglass and whispered, “We should do that.”

In the weeks since, we’ve talked about it several times. The thing is–I could wing it, but I really want to learn this!

So here’s an interactive question for all four of my readers: what should I do? I know Mark Scandrette of “Soul Grafiti” fame is a great slam poet within the EC movement, but I can’t afford to bring Mark to us. Should I call up the local university slam poetry team and see if they would teach a workshop? Or is there someone else in or coming through Albuquerque or the surrounding area who would want to help a sister out?

This is something I don’t want to teach. I tend to be an overachiever in all things creative, but this is one thing I want to learn. I want to learn it and practice it. I want to bring it to our services. I want to encourage other people in our congregation to flex their creative muscles. But I don’t want to “figure it out.” Your ideas would be most welcome.